Anna & Ben’s Travel Blog
We decided to put this blog together so that we could share our travel experiences and keep friends & family updated on our travels. We figure it has to be better than blanket emails and constant Facebook posting – although no promises that there won’t be a bit of that.

We’re very new at this, so we’re happy to hear feedback on the blog. Additionally, if you see we’re heading somewhere and you have a recommendation, please let us know.

About Us
We’re two young bankers with a sense of adventure. After multiple overseas trips in 2015 we realized that being limited to the standard 4 weeks of annual year wasn’t going to allow us to see the world the way we want to. Therefore the careers have been put on hold for a while to allow us to embark on a world tour. Ultimately we want to find reason (and a means) on why we shouldn’t go back to work.